Plastic Coatings Corporation Jaxsan Coating Products


There are many uses for JAXSAN Coatings by Plastic Coatings Corporation. Within these pages you will see those uses broken down in to specific categories and photographic examples of these uses.



JAXSAN 600 gives structural strength to cellular plastic such as; Styrofoam and Urethane Foam. It is water based, virtually odorless and has a Class A Fire rating. it is available in colors, and may be painted. It can also be used over canvas, fabric, wood, metal and as an adhesive.

USDA Food Plants

Food Plants

JAXSAN 602 has been approved by the USDA for incidental contact with food. It is often used to resurface FRP panels, Epoxy painted surfaces, ceiling and wood, brick, metal and block surfaces.

Grain Silos

Grain Silo
Water Treatment
Plants and Tanks

Silo tops and sides can be inexpensively water­proofed and beautified using JAXSAN 600 and Acrylic Gloss 102. JAXSAN 600, an elastomeric coating is used to provide a seamless, attractive, abuse resistent UV protection for the tanks.



Our goal is to get 10 to 15 years more out of your existing metal, modified, BUR, urethane foam or rubber roof. We repair and recoat using spray technology that allows for economical repair, Ten year no leak warranties are available, just Ask your local sales representative.

Mechanical Insulation

Mechanical Insulations

JAXSAN 600 is used over varieties of thermal insulation. Built in fiber eliminates the need for expensive time and labor consuming mesh applications. Glossy AG-102 allows for a dirt resistant color coding of tanks, ducts and pipelines.