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Jaxsan Black Foam Primer

Black Foam Primer

JAXSAN Black Foam Primer is a water thinnable primer for use on or under sprayed polyurethane foam. It is ready to use from the container without thinning. It is an economical way to raise the temperature of the deck or foam surface in preperation for another layer of foam.

The black color concentrates heat radiated by the sun on the surface of the deck or foam. Drying times are therefore short under good drying conditions. Under no circumstances may foam be applied on an uncurred primer. The primer dries by evaporation of water and all moisture must have left the film before the application of polyurethane can begin. suitable times for curing will vary with substrate, temperature, humidity and sunlight. High humidity will slow curing times. Low temperatures will slow curing times. Allow 3 hours of strong sun as a minimum cure time. More time may be necessary if temperatures are below 70° F. and if the relative humidity is greater than 60%. It is important to inspect the primer before applying foam to assure the primer is properly cured. Spray apply primer to the surface in a thin pass. A 1 mil thickness is usually adequate when trying to raise the surface temperature on a smooth surface. Heavily scarred or profiled surfaces may require more coating. If a surface is suspected of containing moisture, use only enough primer to cover the surface very lightly and not seal the surface. Sealing the surface may cause blisters or delamination in the film. If blisters occur, remove primer and reapply a thinner film. If blisters return, replace foam substrate.

Jaxsan 1400 Primer

1400 Primer

Water thinnable acrylic latex based primer for use as a sealer and a adhesion promoter. It has excellent surface penetration into the substrate due to the new polymer technology. It dries quickly to a clear finish.

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