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Jaxsan 1400 Primer

1400 Primer

JAXSAN 1400 Primer is a water thinnable acrylic latex based primer for use as a sealer and a adhesion promoter. It has excellent surface penetration into the substrate due to the new polymer technology. It dries quickly to a clear finish.

Chief uses for JAXSAN 1400 are to seal cementitious materials for top coating, to promote adheshion over chalky surfaces. Most coatings show excellent adhesion to JAXSAN 1400 although aggressive solvents may induce a softening or wrinkling of the film. JAXSAN 1400 may be used over masonry, aged asphaltic materials, wood and aged chalky coatings. Use of JAXSAN 1400 primer over aged single ply materials has shown improved bonding of the coating system to the substrate. It is not intended as a clear finish coat.

Apply JAXSAN 1400 at a rate of about 400 square feet per gallon to achieve a dry film thickness of 1.2 mils. Due to a wide variety of substrates, profile variations and absorption rates of different materials, it is good to remember that a thin film is all that is necessary to achieve good bonding.

Jaxsan Black Foam Primer

Black Foam Primer

Water thinnable primer for use on or under sprayed polyurethane foam. It is ready to use from the container without thinning. It is an economical way to raise the temperature of the deck or foam surface in preperation for another layer of foam.

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