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Jaxsan AG-102


JAXSAN AG-102 is a great looking high gloss coating for interior or exterior applications where the look of an oil based enamel paint is desired and the performance of a flexible and elastic sealant is necessary. It is manufactured using thinnable acrylic polymer emulsion. AG-102 is available in white, tile red, khaki, forest green, mahogany, and light gray. Other colors are available for an extra charge for colorant and matching when a color chip is submitted to a sales representative for approval.

JAXSAN AG-102 resists cracking and chipping because it has elastomeric qualities that allow it to move with the applied surface. Flexible metal such as aluminum and clean galvanized steel (Duct work and roofing panels) are good applications for AG-102 because it adheres well to these surfaces and is flexible enough to move with the surface without damaging the coating. Typical applications include applications over primed steel roofing panels, coating over elastomeric coatings (non-silicone based), wood, primed cement coating surfaces and any previously painted surface. JAXSAN AG-102 is formulated according to USDA standards for incidental contact with meat and poultry products.

Jaxsan 600 Series

600 Series

The 600 series of the jaxsan product line has thre uniquely different coatings. 600 being a fiber based acrylic latex coating for protection and water proofing roofs and thermal insulation. 602 is a USDA approved coating, and the 607 is a fiberless acrylic latex coating.

Jaxsan Primers


Read about Jaxsan's two water thinnable primers. Jaxsan 1400 is a latex based primer for use as a sealer and adhesion promoter. While Black Foam primer is used as an economical way to raise the temperature of the deck/foam surface in preperation for another layer of foam.

SDS Info


SDS Info